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We offer special dishes every evening according to what’s in season and what our suppliers delivered that day.


Here are some sample specials to whet your appetite:


Grilled Peppered Halloumi Cheese with Peppered Mayo Mackerel

Pickled peppers, pesto tossed lambs leaves, beetroot and ginger coulis



Roasted Belmullet Monkfish

Wrapped in Parma ham, on sautéed spring greens, lemon butter sauce, chive mash



Roasted Crispy Silverhill Irish Duckling

With sage, apple and potato stuffing, baked ham, orange & black cherry sauce, roasted vegetables



Tavern’s Coquille St Jacques

Fresh Cleggan scallops in a rich mornay sauce, back in their shells with piped potato gratinated with parmesan cheese

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